For Physicians

Health Leaders Network is a clinically integrated network representing a collaboration among independent and employed providers and the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System that is focused on providing the communities we serve with high-quality, efficient healthcare. 

Our Approach

  • Our model is founded on the basic premise that patients do best when cared for by a team of physicians and caregivers working together.
  • Our organization is led and governed by physicians.
  • Our success is enabled by actionable data that allows us to continually track and improve quality measures and outcomes.


Benefits for Physicians

Health Leaders Network represents more than 850 participating providers partnering to provide a continuum of care focused on quality, efficiency and value.  As part of Health Leaders Network, physicians will enjoy a variety of benefits, including:


  • Clinical
    • Improved quality of care through use of evidence-based medical standards
    • Use of outcomes-based metrics and performance data to drive results
    • Standardized patient data processes
    • Improved coordination and transitions between care settings
    • Better ability to make evidence-based and effective care decisions using data
    • Enhanced and consistent patient educational resources


  • Strategic
    • Physician-driven care delivery network
    • New collaborative business model that positions practices for success in a changing healthcare environment and healthcare reform
    • Low risk opportunity to gain valuable experience in managing a population
    • Platform to reach new goals set by payors for adoption of value-based models
    • Access to population health technology
    • Ability for independent physicians to maintain a private practice model


  • Financial
    • Opportunity to participate in innovative reimbursement models
    • Opportunity to achieve value-based rewards for high performance
    • Opportunity to collaborate with payors and employers in the community to improve the health of the populations we serve through population health strategies