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About Us

Formed in 2014, Health Leaders Network is a physician-led collaboration of independent and employed providers who are committed to advancing the Triple Aim of value-based care:

  • Improving health outcomes
  • Improving the patient experience
  • Controlling costs and unnecessary spending

As a clinically integrated network and accountable care organization, our success is driven by three important tenets.

  • We believe that patients do best when cared for by a team of physicians and caregivers working together.
  • We use actionable data that allows us to continually track and improve outcomes.
  • We are led and governed by practicing physicians throughout our network.

Through this approach to value-based care, we have been able to achieve a number of important successes. Some key highlights about our network include:

  • More than 2,200 participating providers
  • More than 275,000 covered lives spanning Louisiana and Mississippi
  • More than 80% of HLN hypertensive patients are under control (140/90), up 10% since 2016
  • Providing colorectal cancer screenings to 79% of eligible patients in 2022, beating national (71.6%) and state (72.6%) averages
  • Being one of only ten recipients for the 2021 National United in Care Service Award for breast cancer screenings
  • Achieving more than $180 million in total healthcare cost savings since 2015
  • Being recognized as a four star provider by Humana MA
  • Performing in the top decile for access, provider communication skills, stewardship of patient resources and care coordination compared to all other ACOs and MIPS programs.

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