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Health Leaders Network offers a number of benefits to providers who are willing to commit to value-based care and population health, actively participate and engage with the network, and show dedication to network integrity.


  • Physician-led governance structure
  • Improved quality of care through use of evidence-based medical standards
  • Improved coordination and transitions between care settings
  • Better ability to make evidence-based and effective care decisions using data
  • Enhanced and consistent patient educational resources
  • Low risk opportunity to gain valuable experience in managing a population
  • Platform to reach new goals set by payors for adoption of value-based models
  • Access to population health technology
  • Ability for independent physicians to maintain a private practice model
  • Opportunity to participate in innovative reimbursement models
  • Opportunity to achieve value-based rewards for high performance

Joining Health Leaders Network

Member groups and providers of Health Leaders Network are selected based on quality and total cost of care performance, as well as their commitment to value based care. Once membership is granted, members have access to a number of contracting opportunities, all at different levels of risk.

Value Based Agreements
Aetna Medicaid Humana MA United Commercial
Amerihealth Caritas Humana Exchange United Exchange
Blue Advantage Louisiana Healthcare Connections United Medicaid
Blue Cross Blue Shield Commercial Medicare Shared Savings Program – Enhanced Track Vantage MA
FMOLHS Health Plan Medicare Shared Savings Program – Track B Wellcare MA
Healthy Blue Precision Blue

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