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Patients who see a provider within Health Leaders Network get all the benefits of being cared for by a clinically integrated network. Within a clinically integrated network, providers and other members of the healthcare team work together to:

  • Improve the health and outcomes for all patients
  • Provide an improved patient experience
  • Reduce the total cost of providing exceptional quality

Some of the benefits patients may notice as the result of seeing a provider who belongs to a clinically integrated network include:

  • Better communication between care team members
  • Reduced duplication and unnecessary testing
  • Better access to providers and clinics
  • Care coordination support for those with complex illnesses
  • Access to technological tools designed to give patients more control over their care
  • Closer monitoring and management of chronic illnesses
  • Increased transparency into the expected cost of treatment, including prescription drug costs

These benefits come at no extra cost to patients and does not impact or change your insurance plan or coverage in any way.

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